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Selling exclusively to wholesale distributors.

All Current stocks a full range of wiring devices, including explosion-proof, Arktite, Powertite, pin-and-sleeve, twist-lock, straight-blade, tamper-resistant, and marine products. 

  • Floor boxes
  • Ground fault rated devices
  • Hospital-grade receptacles
  • Marine rated plugs & receptacles
  • Mechanical interlock disconnects (fused & non-fused)
  • Pin & sleeve back boxes
  • Pin & sleeve connectors, plugs & receptacles
  • Reverse service plugs & receptacles
  • Straight blade plugs & connectors
  • Straight blade receptacles
  • Switches
  • Twist lock devices
  • Wall plates & covers
  • Watertight twist lock devices
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Nationwide stocking locations

Moorestown | Houston | Dallas | Baton Rouge | 
Chicago | Seattle | Los Angeles

Our extensive distribution network supports same-day shipping so that you don't have to keep your customers waiting. For added convenience, our stocking locations offer pickup of our products at will call.

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Selling exclusively to wholesale distributors

Industrial Wiring Devices